Refund & Cancellation
conceptfive Solutions Private Limited

Please read the following Refund & Cancellation carefully as it sets out the Refund & Cancellation of a legally binding agreement between you (the card holder) and conceptfive Solution Private Limited.

1. This is only a discount card & not a credit / debit card. This card offers discount on every purchase made by the card holder through the C5 registered vendors.

2. Card will be valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

3. Once Card issued, Card fee shall not be refundable in any case .

4. Referral Commission for the current month will be transferred to the card holder’s account by 10th working day of the following month

5. Direct referral commission will be given once on each member and indirect referral commission will be given only till the seventh stage.

6. C5 does not take any responsibility related to the quality, service, guarantee, warranty of any product/ services. Standard warranty / guarantee on any products / services will be given by the selling company only. C5 thus has no relationship with the selling companies and can not be held vicariously liable for the offence committed or default committed by the selling company

7. C5 will not be involved in any dispute arising between card holders and the registered vendors.

8. All payments between the vendor & the card holders for any sale / purchase are direct & C5 will not act as party for any payments / transactions between the vendor and the card holder.

9. Concept coin will be awarded only on card referrals and purchase of C5 in-house products. Concept coin will not be awarded for any other sale / purchase made by or with any other vendor.

10. Redemption of Concept coin is permissible only on offers sponsored by C5.

11. C5 does not compel any Card Holder to participate in company’s promotional schemes.

12. This card is property of C5 & non-transferable .

13. In case of lost member is responsible to get the card blocked immediately otherwise C-5 shall not be responsible for its misuse.

14. C5 will not be held liable for any indirect or consequential losses faced by the customer.

15. This card cannot be used for any unlawful purpose or any purpose which is in violation of terms and conditions of this agreements

16. Making of a duplicate card or a similar card intentionally shall attract section 468 and 471 of IPC. Which attracts imprisonment of upto seven years and fine.

17. Making use of a stolen card shall attract section 66C of IT act,2000 and the person making use of stolen card shall be punished for upto 3 years of imprisonment.

18. C5 reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time by publishing a notice on its website to that effect.

19. C5 reserves the right to cancel your discount card with or without any prior notice if information provided by the member is misleading or any fault on the member’s side is found.

20. If any one provision of this agreement is held to be invalid then only that part will be removed and not whole agreement i.e. in such case doctrine of severability will apply.

21. These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of India and All disputes are subject to Lucknow Jurisdiction.

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